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About: the widgets bit

Before selling books I worked for over twenty-years in the IT industry. Starting out as trainee programmer writing COBOL programs on a computer that filled a room, umpty-ump years later my final IT job was as Corporate Web Manager for a logistics company in the oil and gas industry.

All those years working in IT taught me several valuable techy lessons. Some of which are: keep it simple, content is King, and don't break anything! With those (and a few other) rules in mind, I produce clean, simple web sites and widgets that concentrate on getting the essential information out, while being as simple to use as possible. No gimmicks, no flourishes, just neat workable solutions.

After 20-odd (very odd sometimes!) years I've also learnt how important it is to give clear, concise instructions and not fluster the client with jargon, or dump reams of irrelevant nonsense in their laps just to prove how clever I am. Good instructions are written in language that the audience understands, with plenty of visual cues, and should make the whole process look easy. I always remember I'm trying to inform, not impress.

Since I've always had an interest in design, producing good-looking sites is important and fun for me. And I never lose site of the essential detail: it's the client's site not mine - give advice, make suggestions, but listen to what's wanted. You want dancing leprechauns, I'll listen to why, tell you what I think, and if you still think they're neat I'll see what I can do, though leprechauns are notoriously difficult to trap. :o)

The Widgets that I produce all come out of real situations where people have asked for help, and I've been able to give it. There are no gimmicks here, they're real solutions to problems that happen every day. A helping hand to guide you over a techy rough patch, or help you out of a techy hole that's opened beneath your feet.

Need a particular Widget you can't find - contact me and I'll do my best to help.

About: the other stuff

For the rest of the stuff about me, well let's see... I'm female, middle-aged (not coy, just don't want to have to keep updating!) and living in Cornwall after a certain amount of wandering about. I was born and brought up on the Home Counties (Herts, Beds and Bucks), and have lived and worked the length of Britain from Cornwall, to Aberdeenshire. I've had a number of hobbies over the years, and done a bit of travelling, which means I'm lucky enough to have been scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef, have flown helicopters, spent time in the Formula One pit lane, sailed from Tonga to Thailand and watched whales in Rotarua. It's a tough old life.